Chinese Herbs in Treating Cancer

The main thrust of the modern western approach to cancer involves using highly toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells, a treatment known as chemotherapy. Unfortunately chemotherapy is also very toxic to normal cells, and has serious side effects. Often, these side effects endanger the life of the patient, so the treatment has to be stopped. In addition, recent Studies have also demonstrated that chemotherapy is a double-edged sword. It is anticancer because of its cytotoxicity. Paradoxically, it is also pro-cancer because it increases chemoresistance and promotes cancer metastasis.


A part of the Gold Standard of cancer treatment in Chinese hospitals is to give patients the option to receive herbal medicine to complement their chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Herbal formulae are constructed to enhance the effectiveness of any drugs which are given; to reduce chemoresistance and cancer metastasis; to minimize side effects, and to nourish and support patients through their treatments.

Many herbs are demonstrated to kill cancer cells. Some herbs are also shown to prevent or reduce cancer metastasis, an essential action to ensure the success of treatments. Unlike drugs, herbs are selective in attacking cancer cells, and don’t harm normal cells. In fact, herbs usually have positive side effects, leaving patients feeling in better shape overall.

After decades of clinical and pharmacological research, we have identified many herbs which are effective in treating the side effects of particular chemotherapy drugs. These herbs may be given alongside the drugs as a matter of course, in order to prevent side effects from even occurring, rather than waiting for problems to manifest.

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