Beatiful Inside and Out


Bright, clear eyes; glowing skin; healthy shiny hair; smooth, unridged nails; and moist lips. These are signs of balanced health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We do not believe in superficial or temporary beauty. We do not believe in surgeries and procedures that are harmful and unnecessary—all in the name of “beauty”. On the other hand, the pursuit of real beauty through health and balance is endlessly rewarding.

We provide a philosophical and practical approach to being your best and healthiest self, so that you radiate with the vibrant Qi that courses through your body and projects your inner beauty.

The skin expresses stress at what is going on in the bodies and life. We evaluate the state of your skin and overall health and well-being through indicators such as these. Is the person’s energy flowing properly? What is going on in the person’s life? Does the person eat, dress and sleep according to the seasons and in harmony with nature? What is happening in the person’s body, mind, soul and life to provide an opportunity for diseases? How can we support our patients’ ability to heal themselves by achieving balance with their bodies and their beings?


When a person is healthy, calm and self-confident, her Qi radiates and she is beautiful. Qi is pure energy and the life force itself. The Qi that rises and descends in our bodies is both inherited in our genetic blueprint and created every day through our diet, breathing and activities. Qi travels through the body via a network of pathways called Meridians, from inside to outside, from side to side and from top to toe. The state of our Qi manifested directly and openly in the skin, our largest organ and the map of our experiences and state of health.

In our clinic we have a facial rejuvenation program that combines acupuncture and herbs to produce remedies for your skin that are specially designed for your unique constitution and emotional and physical health, as well as for your environment. Skin defects develop when there is a blockage of the flow of Qi. Inserting a fine acupuncture needle into specific body points is an effective way to ensure that the Qi can once again travel smoothly. We also prescribe herbs as food and as medicine, both for internal and external use. These are integral to balancing the functioning of Qi. Food herbs are part of the daily diet, building strength, preventing disease and supporting overall good health. Medicinal herbs include a wide range of plant extracts and mineral products, all sourced from nature. A herb prescribed for your skin with both resonate with it energetically and influence it biochemically.

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