Wonder Herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s main professional therapy is internally administered herbal medicine. Most of the 5,000 medicinal substances in Chinese medicine come from various plants. These ingredients are seldom used singly. Most often they are combined into formulas comprised of from eight to fifteen ingredients. In such a formula, the ingredients work synergistically. Some of the ingredients boost each other’s beneficial, therapeutic effect. Other ingredients are meant to negate possible side-effects. And yet other ingredients insure that the right effect is obtained in the right part of the body.


The most common traditional method of administration is as a decoction into a cup of all natural herbal tea. Other methods of administration include pills, powders, liquid and dried extracts. Which method of administration is used will depend on the individual patient’s diagnosis and case.

In the clinic our practitioner prescribes a customized list of herbs specifically for the individual patient. Therefore, a dozen patients sharing a same Western medical diagnosis may each receive a different herbal formula. The formula is adjusted regularly depending upon the progress of the condition, the season of the year, the weather, and any of a number of other individualized considerations. We constantly update and modify our patients’ treatment since they are constantly changing in relationship to their environment. We seek to nudge the body’s own homeostatic mechanisms just enough for the body to right itself.

When prescribed correctly based on an individualized Chinese energetic diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine is free from side- effects. Since Chinese medicine sees the person as a whole, throwing one part of the body out of balance in an attempt to heal another part makes little sense to us.

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