Patient Experience

In 2004 I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a serious and deadly skin cancer. I had a small tumor on my lower leg and it had already spread to my lymph nodes. It was a very traumatic time. I underwent several surgeries and spent one year giving myself Interferon injections, a treatment that made me very sick. After this there was nothing else to do medically, no other treatment to undertake, so I tried to settle back into ‘normal’ life’. I tried to improve my eating habits, started on various supplements and hoped for the best.

Exactly five years from my original diagnosis I discovered another lump on my leg. It was, unfortunately, a recurrence of my melanoma. I found myself scared, disappointed and feeling helpless as my doctors could only offer me more surgery and a very poor prognosis. I was supposed to ‘wait and see’ and if things worsened, as they expected they would, I would then be offered available but not overly successful treatment.

At this point I felt desperate to find something to do for myself. I found Dr. Ke online and immediately set up an appointment. I vividly remember this appointment. It was so different from my usual medical appointments. There was no rush, he listened to all I had to say. Dr. Ke took my full medical history, reviewed all my supplements, diet habits and routines, and gave me a thorough ‘Chinese Medicine’ check up. Based on all the information obtained Dr. Ke prescribed a treatment plan for me and I have been taking acupuncture treatment and doing a variety of Chinese herbs ever since. My cancer has not progressed. I am feeling great physically and especially mentally as I know I took my health into my own hands. I found something that could help me outside what is offered by our medical system.

I would highly recommend Dr. Ke to anyone with a disorder that can be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM is empowering, energizing, scientifically proven, and I strongly feel it has contributed to my continued good health. Dr Ke is very compassionate, very caring, and very knowledgeable. He has taken the time to figure out what is best for me and has cheerfully cared for every medical complaint I have had in the time I have known him. I only wish I knew about TCM when I was first diagnosed.

M. D. Vernon

It’s really lucky to get to know Dr. David Ke. When I first met him, I just started pregnancy and my physical condition was bad. I was so scared that I would lose my baby. Dr. Ke helped me go through the tough period of my pregnancy. Now I am having a lovely baby daughter, and I am grateful for his help. He is awesome.

D. G. Calgary

Ellen you have made my life easier with that amazing gift you have. Thanks.

W. B. (with MS) Calgary

In Dec 2007 I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Other than surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and regular checkups with my oncologist, I have been receiving treatments with Traditional Chinese Medicine from Dr. Ke ever since. I am currently doing very well.

Before my surgery Dr. Ke treated me with Chinese herbal medicine. The pain that I used to suffer from the tumor went away immediately. It was very effective. I had to receive six rounds of chemotherapy after surgery. The very first round of chemo gave me a high fever for which I was admitted into the hospital for several days of IV antibiotics before the fever went away. For the next five rounds I did not had to go to the hospital because I used the Chinese herbs that Dr. Ke prescribed for me whenever a fever came. I was then able to finish all rounds of chemo smoothly and successfully. After radiation I was trucked with Shingles and was told by my family physician that no treatment was available other than drugs to mask pain. Dr. Ke treated me with acupuncture and just 4 hours later the skin lesions turned from bright red to darker scales. I was completed cured with no recurrence with only three treatments.

For the past four years Dr. Ke has been treating me according to the specific needs of my health status. I recovered very well under his cares and gained a second life. I would like to sincerely express my deepest gratitude.

D. F. Calgary

Reason for my visit: anxiety, depression, exhaustion, stomach ache, facial color.

I went to acupuncture because of my stomache pain and anxiety which worsened after my pregnancy. My condition felt unbearable because my stomach felt as hard as a rock. I was fortunate to have a friend referred me to this clinic as their family has been dedicated to this area for generations. After I started acupuncture, my stomach has improved dramatically. My stress, nervousness, and anxiety has disappeared. The color to my face has gotten much better. The clinic also gave me some Chinese herbs to help strengthen my system. I feel alive again and it feels great! Even after my recovery, I still go once a month because it is so good for me. And when life gets a bit crazy, I can always count on acupuncture to help me unwind. Thank you,

A. Z. Calgary

I am a long time smoker and as a result whenever I start coughing it would be very difficult to heal and would take very long time. Last year I caught a cold and began to cough. I went to see my family doctor several times but got no improvement at all. It was terrible. Then I used the Chinese herbal medicine Dr. Ke gave me and was completed cured in only three days. I went back to China for a visit in November 2010 and caught flu and started to cough again. I spent a lot of money seeking helps from both Western medical doctors and Chinese medical doctors in China. But the cough persisted. Finally I decided to call Dr. Ke long distance and he offered me a herbal prescription over the phone. Miraculously it only took two doses in two days to cure my cough. And the total cost of herbs was less then $4.00. My whole family trusts Dr. Ke’s medical skills very much. He is a very good doctor.

M. L. Calgary

I can only say that as someone who was new to acupuncture treatment, I went in with some skepticism. Nonetheless, I had recently contracted Bell’s Palsy and upon doing some research online and with personal contacts, I felt the potential benefits were worth the try. The left side of my face had lost movement and the corticosteroids that I had been given had weakened my immune system to the point where I contracted a bad cold within days. I felt awful and frightened about the prospect of not fully recovering.

Amazingly after my first visit with Ellen, I noticed that I could move my left eyebrow slightly that evening. Within a couple days of taking the herbs she recommended my cold had also improved markedly. I am very happy to say that in a little more than a week my face was 90% mobile and my cold had passed. My symptoms totally subsided soon after.

The original prognosis said that Bell’s Palsy can go away in a couple weeks to a few months. Count me in as a believer that Ellen’s treatments were vital in my quick recovery.

C. W. Calgary

I recently discovered I had elevated liver enzymes. In working with my doctor, we couldn’t figure out what was causing this condition, so I decided to see Dr. Ke for acupuncture and herbs. After about 5 weeks of treatments, my liver enzymes came down significantly. Not only is Dr. Ke a capable health care provider, he is dedicated to the well-being of his patients and openly shares his TCM knowledge with them. I would recommend Dr. Ke’s services without hesitation.

B. F. Calgary

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over a year, however over the course of this time we were unsuccessful. Because I was now in my mid 30’s, I worried that I wasn’t going to be able to have a baby without seeking expensive fertility treatments. It was at this time I heard from a friend about Dr. Ke and the ways Chinese medicine can promote fertility. After consulting with Dr. Ke, I went through a series of acupuncture sessions and took a combination of herbs he prescribed. Doing this for just over a month I then went back to Dr. Ke for a check-up. While taking my pulse he informed me that I was probably pregnant and should do a pregnancy test. Sure enough, when I got home the test confirmed that I was three weeks pregnant. My husband and I now have a very healthy baby girl and will be forever thankful to Dr. Ke.

P.S. Calgary

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